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The Industry’s Best Customer Service

Virtually every claims recovery vendor will claim to offer outstanding customer service. How do you verify that claim?

At The Rawlings Group, we have compiled a long list of clients who have gone out of their way to articulate their satisfaction with our superior customer service. We have won these excellent customer accolades, because with us, customer service is more than just a performance measurement; it is one of the founding principles on which the company is built.

An Advocate Working for You

The Rawlings Group assigns a dedicated client service representative to service each account. In addition to managing a variety of day-to-day activities, this person is also each client’s advocate within our company. If there is ever a problem or issue that cannot be immediately resolved, the client service representative will work on the client’s behalf to find a solution quickly. This ensures that each client always receives prompt and focused attention in response to every issue, question, or problem.

Learn What Rawlings Can Do for You

We invite you to call our Business Development Team, at 877-426-4174. After answering your questions and learning more about your business, we can provide estimated financial projections so you can see for yourself the benefits of working with The Rawlings Group—the industry leader in medical claims recovery services.


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